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January 20

What is Funmoods?

Funmoods is a free add-on for Facebook chat that gives you a huge collection of smileys, winks, text effects and more!  Like the default smileys for Facebook, Funmoods emoticons represent human emotions, facial gestures, tone of voice and body language. Furthermore, at Funmoods we work on a constant basis to provide with creative and original animations according to our users’ preference and demand.

Recently, Funmoods started offering a new wide range of texticons- animated text- with the most common conversational phrases in English, Portuguese and Spanish such as ‘Cool!, ‘Hola!’,  “Tudo bem’ so as to make the chat communication flow more realistic and fun. More texticons in different languages are on the way as the audience liked them a lot and asked for more.

Thanks to Funmoods you have hundreds of ways to make each chat more exciting and fresh as well as more interesting. Get Funmoods smileys for Facebook and start sending amazing, fun messages to all your friends.