June 27

The appeal of emotes


Emoticons are an excellent way to express yourself online quickly and efficiently, but what truly makes them appealing? For many, it’s the fact that they express so much in so few keystrokes.

Using emoticons is a quick and easy way to say you’re happy, sad, angry or excited, but sometimes their meaning can be lost. There are so many uses for :) that different people will interpret it differently. As such, improving the emoticons that are used can help significantly improve communication, and the level of understanding.

Funmoods offers hundreds of smileys, animations and other options to greatly enhance the emotes used on a daily basis, providing numerous options for users that display more intricate emotional states, rather than simply happy or sad.

Installing Funmoods for use in Facebook Messenger or other online communication tools will allow users to enhance their emoticon use, sending more engaging and entertaining messages to friends and family. Optimizing the online experience with Funmoods is free and easy, and won’t hurt users systems. Ultimately, getting more out on online communications with Funmoods can help users send and receive messages that simply have more meaning.