April 10

Text is Boring, Smileys are In

Emotions aren’t easily portrayed through text. Typing “I’m mad” doesn’t carry the same weight as a visual representation of anger, and the same goes for happiness. Luckily, emoticons can provide the angry, red faces and tearful eyes that you really need to express rage and sadness. However, Facebook and email clients like Gmail often don’t have a wide array of smileys to choose from.

In order to use diverse emoticons that really show your moods and make your messages stand out, you need Funmoods. With thousands of smileys and custom animations featuring celebs like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, the Ninjas and more, you can really enhance your chat experience and get your message across.Why just use text in the 21st century when emoticons can convey so much more?

Even businesses are beginning to see benefits to emoticons, with professionals using smileys in their emails and resumes to catch a prospective employer’s attention, according to The Monclarion. While you may not be looking for a job, a head-banging smiley is sure to catch your friend’s attention better than “hey.”