April 22

Spice up your Facebook chat

Facebook may have just updated the way user profiles look, but they still lack the punch they need. You can enhance your chat experience using emoticons and animations that allow to fly your own colors.

Funmoods allows you to improve your conversations with friends through animations, colored text and smileys that convey a lot more than text ever could. The message “I Love you”" can be greatly enhance with a bumping heart, or a quick “Bye, Bye” will look much better accompanied by a waving hand and a kiss. Don’t just tell your friends how you feel or what you’re doing – show them!

Additionally, according to Slate, Facebook’s new built-in emoticons do more to help advertisers focus on your profile than ever before. Funmoods, on the other hand, will help you keep your feelings private and focused on your friends and family, not on a major corporation trying to sell you something. Emoticons should help you share your feelings, not your shopping tastes. Don’t just provide Facebook with more data about yourself – show what you’re doing and how you’re feeling with style.