November 10

MySearchDial – Decorate Your Browser

Funmoods has one mission in life, and that is to make everyday situations cuter. Indeed, we strive for cuteness in every aspect of life, whether it be chatting with a friend or handing in your notice, there is always room for a nice little image to represent your inner most thoughts and feelings. We want the whole world to look nicer, and where do people spend most of their time? That’s right, the Internet. Whether we’re sitting in the office, watching movies or being studious, it’s a fair bet that the Internet will come into play in quite a significant way. Everyone starts their Internet sessions by opening a browser, like Chrome or Firefox. This is where the mission to make everything nicer shall start!

We support MySearchDial in rising to the challenge of making your homepage a better place to be. MySearchDial is a tool that enhances your browser to make it friendlier and more accessible. Especially effective on Google Chrome, MySearchDial takes your basic homepage setup and improves it by making it fit your personality. Choose the websites you visit most and set them up in a row on your homepage. Now when you open your browser, you are greeted by friendly faces spreading warmth to your clicking finger.

Another reason we like MySearchDial is its emphasis on fun games. Life is stressful, and we need fun games to help us through the day. Getting up, going to work, coming back home – it’s tough! What we all need is a way to be at work, yet not actually be working. That’s where fun games come in! With easy access on the MySearchDial toolbar, you can instantly access the funnest of fun games on the web!

You can even use MySearchDial to access GreetingMoods, the best way to send greetings online! It’s even better than speaking to people face to face. Next time you need to wish someone Happy Birthday, or apologize for accidentally kicking their dog, come directly to GreetingMoods to select the perfect animation to go with your personalized message. How could anyone stay angry at someone that sends a cute animation! It’s the way forward, and could be route to peace in the Middle East, but if not it’s still a fun way to show you care!

Funmoods fully supports all endeavours to make our lives a little brighter, and we encourage our Funmood fans to try MySearchDial!

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