December 4

installCore–Making Software Installation Safe

How often do you look around the internet to see virus, PUP, and PUA link baiting? installCore is working day and night to stop this malware before it can get installed on your computer.

installCore Technology Stopping PUAs

Recently, there was an article about installCore blocking malware in the technology publication, Gigaom. In the article the author talked about how installCore works to block these adware injectors by extensively screening their potential clients. Not only that, but they also have a deep R&D team that handles compliance and making sure all the offers are above board.

 iC Pay Per Download

This transparency is critical for the success of installCore’s business. Software advertisers and publishers don’t want to work with software distributors that can’t own up to the products they deliver.


As part of a highly strict code of operations issued by Google and other major internet arbiters, installCore regulates even minute detail of their installation flow to make sure it is constantly up to date. There are many dedicated professionals working on how to make installations as safe and secure as possible, because a bad experience for users is in nobody’s best interest.


Malicious Software Causing Problems

PUAs and PUPs get in the way of the trust between a publisher and an end user. Advertisers are kept to strict regulations when they enter installCore’s ad network (that is, if they pass the initial tests–undoubtedly the strictest in the industry). They want to be sure that everyone is playing by the rules, because that will keep everyone happy.


Transparency is Key

The most important aspect of stopping malicious viruses and malware from getting on the network is transparency.


In one sense, this transparency can be found on the interface of the installers that users see when they are going through their download. Every option in the download can be easily uninstalled in case the user clicked something by accident. This point of simple software removal is scarcely found in other ad networks, simply because the publishers aim to inflate payout rates at the expense of the user. How will users trust the software publishers when they get a virus installed on their device? It’s unlikely they will return to that publisher a second time.

iC Software Developer

Selective Ad Network

On the other side of the coin, installCore is transparent in how they handle their ad network of selected partners. They are straightforward–absolutely no borderline content or malware that could damage the bond between the advertisers, publishers, and installation platform. It is too important to all parties to put this relationship in jeopardy. installCore, and everyone else involved does not benefit when users are dissatisfied.

 installCore software Publisher

How Black Hats Operate

Although it seems intuitive that users and partners would prefer a transparent, open relationship with the installation platform, this is not the case for the majority of the industry. Many PPI companies advertise and operate purely based on installation rates. How do they offer such sky high rates?


These black hat companies have little quarrel with hiding various offers in the installation, so a user has no idea what they are agreeing to. Google and other internet giants make rules to stop this kind of deceit, but for some companies this matters very little.


And what kind of software offers are made on these types of platforms? Malware and adware, plain and simple. These kinds of programs, once installed, essentially bully users into making a paid ‘upgrade’, or handing over their credit card information in some way. This represents a huge breach of trust between the publisher and the user, not to mention the product itself, but these black hats are banking on the hope that users won’t make the connection of how they got this malware in the first place.


Technology Differentiates

Where installCore excels compared with other installation platforms is the emphasis on research and development. installCore technology is second to none when it comes to facilitating a download. The company invests more than half the workforce in creating new ways to make downloads successful.

 installCore Installation Platform

A very high number of downloads fail on a regular basis, usually for technical problems. The installation platform used by installCore anticipates many of the issues that can potentially happen in a download like a broken connection or a compatability problem with the operating system. This really sets the company apart. installCore is a renowned technology company that has set its expertise on all stages of software installation. They have support from many other technologies that allow them to optimize the download funnel from a variety of angles.


Before installCore’s system of analytics, publishers and advertisers had no way of knowing whether or not one of their products was actually reaching their end user. installCore has solved this problem, and then some. They have filled their own technology needs in a big way.


installCore Analytics

They have the abillity to keep track of download campaigns in real time, so if there is ever a problem, they can react quickly and make sure the publishers don’t lose money. There is no other installation platform that can block viruses as well as maximize the amount of revenue a publisher can receive through transparent and clean tactics. installCore is forging a new future for software distribution.


Indeed, the analytics system is a true differentiator when it comes to installation platforms. The data can help publishers have a deeper understanding of their users, ultimately allowing them to create their products according to their needs. There is a great deal of value that installCore can give that is not measured in dollars and cents.


Their SuperTargeting capabilities also create the ability for publishers and advertisers to find exactly their niche in the market, wherever it may be. People may be more interested in anti-virus software in Croatia than in France, but how would a software developer know this without an installation platform that can distribute across region with volume? This is just one of the many benefits that come along with partnering with a professional installation platform.


If you have any more questions about installCore, be sure to check out the installCore FAQ page for in-depth descriptions of the technology and the industry in general.