September 24

Funmoods chooses installCore

Funmoods’ emoticons, smileys and animations are used by millions of people each day when chatting with friends, sending emails or commenting on online forums and blogs. This is possible thanks to installCore’s innovative technology.

What is installCore?
When installing Funmoods, you’re actually using the most reliable and secure installation method possible.

Funmoods girl

installCore is the program that gives you access to our fun range of emoticons and allows you to use them across the web’s varied platforms, making it possible for you to add a smiley anywhere with a single click.

All the Funmoods content, from the animations used in Facebook messenger to the games on the toolbar, is downloaded onto your computer quickly, efficiently and, of course, safely.

installCore gives you access to endless online applications, whether you’re killing some time with an addictive game or increasing productivity with useful software apps.

The installer program is the result of combined technical skills and design expertise, and represents an incredibly affective and stylish installer geared solely towards delivering top online applications to the end user. Over 10,000 software applications (like Funmoods) are downloaded through installCore by millions of people across the world.

Funmoods guy

What really sets installCore apart from other comparable installation platforms (well, comparable on the face of it) is their fantastic technology. They use a purely HTML based installer which boosts speeds and makes downloads more accessible for different systems. This is some really fantastic engineering that goes into every download, no matter which OS you or your users are working with.

Don’t just take our word for it
In the last few years, installCore have focused on continually improving the program’s performance, as well as securing partnerships with the top software providers, including Microsoft and Google, and the result is a staggering 150 million installs every month through installCore, around 5 million a day. They even recently broke their own record for daily completed installs.

installCore is by far the most reliable installer on the market. They are serving audiences and users from all over the world and they are only growing. The most trusted software distributors in the globe work with installCore to expose their software to new, relevant users in all different geos.

Why settle for less than the best?
With the impressive download times, fully customizable platforms and an emphasis on security, installCore is the natural choice for delivering Funmoods to your computer.

If monetization is important to you, or your free software company, installCore is the obvious choice for making your software partnership. Every time your software gets downloaded, you have the opportunity to make an extra stream of revenue that you can then further invest into making a better product. This cycle of monetization and product improvement is super essential to ultimately improving user experience without large amounts of capital.

Fumoods bear

We chose to use installCore because we believe it gives our users the quickest and most reliable download and continues to power our fun software when you’re interacting with family and friends, whatever the mood may be!