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January 23

Funmoods animated card of the week: Happy Birthday Sister!

If you take a look at our Facebook fan page this week, you will find not only music videos of your choice, cool photos, reminders in our statuses but also a video of one of our favorite animated cards: Happy Birthday Sister.


We didn’t want to come up with a conventional birthday message, that’s why our animator Alon made this amazing card showing the love-hate relationship between us and our siblings. No matter how much we fight over simple things, we love one another more than anyone else. That’s true.

Needless to say we are getting great feedback about this card, lots of our fans saw themselves in the card. If your sister is having a birthday or is having it soon, don’t miss this chance of showing her how much you love her and how thankful you are for having her in your life.

Coming soon… more amazing animated cards.