April 24

Facebook receives flack for quality of emoticons

Facebook recently launched its own line of smileys for chat and wall posts, but not all users are happy about it. While some simply don’t want them, others are disappointed in the quality of the emoticons, according to Orlando Weekly contributor Ashley Belanger.

Belanger noted via the news source that while it’s a welcome update for the social network, the smileys simply lack “pizzazz.” Additionally, there isn’t enough variety to the smileys to convey real emotion, considering that the feature uses the same basic smile for six feelings and so on.

What Facebook users need is a broad variety of smileys and animations to use that convey emotions in more unique ways. Funmoods offers thousands of examples to choose from, from rocking-out smileys to affectionate ones. Users can download Funmoods for free and use it to convey how they really feel or choose from a vast number of animations to entertain and amuse their friends.

With the right emoticons, you can take your Facebook to a new level and really show off, rather than settling for the same boring smileys that everyone else will be using.