April 15

Enhance your online security with Funmoods

Enhancing your online presence with emoticons and animations can be a blast, but doing it safely is even better. Rather than risking your computer’s security with add-ons that include malware, viruses or spyware, you can install Funmoods to gain awesome images and smileys to use in your Facebook updates and emails.

Funmoods integrates best practices to ensure that no harmful software is ever installed on your computer alongside it, nor does the application itself use pop-ups or distribute your information to third parties, making it as useful and unobtrusive as possible.

In addition to providing a secure solution for taking your social interactions online to the next level, Funmoods offers an improved version specifically for kids – Safemoods. With Safemoods, children can gain all of the benefits of funmoods and ensure that their online experiences are safe and engaging at the same time.

Emoticons make the internet more fun and interesting, but it is important to do so in a secure way. Don’t put your computer, information security or personal security at risk by using sub-par programs to add smileys and animations to your social network pages.