February 22

Awesome Emoticons, Safely Delivered

Funmoods is a fantastic way to add some spice to your Facebook chat! We give users countless ways to make their texts interesting and expressive. Any kind of Facebook Smiley, Wink, or Emoticon that you can possibly think of is in our inventory, and our animations are second to none.

Funmoods rock smiley

No More Boring Messages


Think about when you are messaging your friends. You don’t want to just send them a piece of text, you want to send emotion! Funmoods gives you the best way to connect with your friends digitally.


We have a special team in our company that is devoted to making beautiful designs that will knock your socks off! They are working hard to make sure you can decorate all of your message boxes with the coolest designs available.


What’s also great is that when you want to publish a status update to your wall, your Funmoods will appear there as well! It’s an awesome way to show off your style to all your friends and connections.


Funmoods Safely Installed

Funmoods Eyes

It is our responsibility as a company to make sure our customers receive our software in a safe and trustworthy environment. That means when you are downloading Funmoods and installing our software to your device, we want to make sure you are fully aware of what you are downloading and when. The relationship with our users is vital to the success of Funmoods.


Safe Installations with installCore


When it came time to decide with whom and how we were going to deliver our software to our customers, we had to do a sorting process between many of the installation companies that exist in this space. We did a lot of research in software installation and one of our findings is that a lot of these companies bundle malware and PuPs into the registries of their users’ computers.


This jumped out to us as a big time problem. There is no way we could maintain the great relationships we had built up with our users over a long time, in some cases many years, by also working with a company that was secretly putting adware and bad PuPs onto their computers. This was a discouraging start to our research process.


But finally, on the recommendation of a friend at another free software company, we found installCore, who, in our opinion, is the best software installation company in the world.


What Makes installCore safe?

Funmoods smileyface

We knew we could trust installCore to distribute our Funmoods software because they are clearly dedicated to making software distribution a safe and transparent endeavor for all those involved.


Their technology is far and away the most advanced of anything comparable on the market. They use globally placed CDNs to make connections and downloads really fast. They also run data compression technology that speeds up connections to their users and downloads all over the world.


Centered on the Users


Another thing that really stuck out to us was installCore’s focus on user experience. They work on each specific installer to make sure that users understand and feel comfortable with their downloads. Their approach is to put users first in whatever they are doing, because if users don’t connect with the software or the vendor, there are no downloads to speak of in the first place.


It is in no one’s best interest to inject PuPs or malware onto the devices of our favorite users, and we are taking every possible step to ensure that that never happens.


Mac and Windows


Another benefit for us to be working with installCore, was their ability to deliver our software to users on all standard operating systems, on both Windows and Mac. This was really the icing on the cake as far as we were concerned. Now we are able to monetize and deliver our software to all types of users, allowing our users to share Funmoods with their friends no matter which system they decide to use.



installCore is really the best decision for Funmoods for a whole host of reasons, but at the end of the day it was most important for our downloads and installations to be all about our users. That is the philosophy for Funmoods in the first place, so any installation or delivery technology had to conform to that vision. Safety is at the forefront of any of our activities, and we think our users will agree.