April 29

3 Favorite Funmoods winks

Funmoods winks can make your Facebook profile shine, but what are some of the best? From insults to flirts, Funmoods amazing animations show how witty, charming, cool or silly you are – you just have to use the right ones.

One of the best categories of winks is the celebrity animations. Choose from Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson or a ton of other celebrities and show off on your wall.

Another fun group of winks available with Funmoods are the monkey animations. These chimps with attitude are hilarious, and will make your friends laugh as you chat over Facebook.

Insulting your friend in funny ways can always be fun, but using Funmoods winks to do it can make sure your messages are never mistaken for being serious. Drop an amusing insult animation on your friend’s wall and brighten up their day.

With Funmoods, you can show people how you really feel and make your Facebook page fun and exciting with ease. Download the free, safe add-on and start improving your wall today.