Monthly Archives: May 2013
May 9

Send more with Funmoods and Greetingmoods

There's a lot to say about Funmoods. Apart from providing with an amazing Facebook chat experience, animations, emoticons and colorful text, Funmoods also provides access to Greetingmoods, which has an even broader selection of messages you can send to your friends in the form of online greeting cards. Maybe leaving a message on a friend's wall for his or her birthday isn't enough - now you can post a similarly themed card as well. From birthday cards to everyday thank you's, Greetingmoods can expand on the overall Facebook experience even more than Funmoods and provide you with...
May 1

Funmoods makes Facebook fun

Facebook may be the most popular social network on the net, but it can also sometimes be kind of boring. The blue and white layout gets old fast, and making your wall stand out can be tough. Luckily Funmoods offers the animations and updates to wall posts that you need to kick it up a level. With its variety of animations, smileys and text changes, Funmoods allows you to do a bit of customization to your page and bring a little color to it. Downloading Funmoods for free gives you the opportunity to share more and do so in a way that actually...