Monthly Archives: April 2013
April 29

3 Favorite Funmoods winks

Funmoods winks can make your Facebook profile shine, but what are some of the best? From insults to flirts, Funmoods amazing animations show how witty, charming, cool or silly you are - you just have to use the right ones. One of the best categories of winks is the celebrity animations. Choose from Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson or a ton of other celebrities and show off on your wall. Another fun group of winks available with Funmoods are the monkey animations. These chimps with attitude are hilarious, and will make your friends laugh as you chat over Facebook. Insulting your...
April 24

Facebook receives flack for quality of emoticons

Facebook recently launched its own line of smileys for chat and wall posts, but not all users are happy about it. While some simply don't want them, others are disappointed in the quality of the emoticons, according to Orlando Weekly contributor Ashley Belanger. Belanger noted via the news source that while it's a welcome update for the social network, the smileys simply lack "pizzazz." Additionally, there isn't enough variety to the smileys to convey real emotion, considering that the feature uses the same basic smile for six feelings and so on. What Facebook users need is a broad variety of...
April 22

Spice up your Facebook chat

Facebook may have just updated the way user profiles look, but they still lack the punch they need. You can enhance your chat experience using emoticons and animations that allow to fly your own colors. Funmoods allows you to improve your conversations with friends through animations, colored text and smileys that convey a lot more than text ever could. The message "I Love you"" can be greatly enhance with a bumping heart, or a quick "Bye, Bye" will look much better accompanied by a waving hand and a kiss. Don't just tell your friends how you feel or what...
April 15

Enhance your online security with Funmoods

Enhancing your online presence with emoticons and animations can be a blast, but doing it safely is even better. Rather than risking your computer's security with add-ons that include malware, viruses or spyware, you can install Funmoods to gain awesome images and smileys to use in your Facebook updates and emails. Funmoods integrates best practices to ensure that no harmful software is ever installed on your computer alongside it, nor does the application itself use pop-ups or distribute your information to third parties, making it as useful and unobtrusive as possible. In addition to providing a secure solution for taking...
April 10

Text is Boring, Smileys are In

Emotions aren't easily portrayed through text. Typing "I'm mad" doesn't carry the same weight as a visual representation of anger, and the same goes for happiness. Luckily, emoticons can provide the angry, red faces and tearful eyes that you really need to express rage and sadness. However, Facebook and email clients like Gmail often don't have a wide array of smileys to choose from. In order to use diverse emoticons that really show your moods and make your messages stand out, you need Funmoods. With thousands of smileys and custom animations featuring celebs like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, the...
April 3

Bienvenido Funmoods a Pinterest!

Funmoods continua expandiendose para satisfacer las demandas de nuestros seguidores.  Para quienes tienen su perfil en Pinterest y les divierte ver los 'boards' y elegir sus 'pins' favoritos ya hay una opcion para  poder seguirnos. Funmoods presenta su perfil en Pinterest que pueden encontrarlo copiando este enlace: .   En nuestro nuevo perfil podran encontrar todo nuestro contenido resumido en sus 'boards'. Desde nuestras tarjetas animadas para diferentes ocasiones y celebraciones hasta animaciones para el chat de Facebook, encontraran todo tipo de material que pueden guardar como 'pin' favorito en sus perfiles. Si no tienen un perfil en Pinterest,...