February 22

Awesome Emoticons, Safely Delivered

Funmoods is a fantastic way to add some spice to your Facebook chat! We give users countless ways to make their texts interesting and expressive. Any kind of Facebook Smiley, Wink, or Emoticon that you can possibly think of is in our inventory, and our animations are second to none.

Funmoods rock smiley

No More Boring Messages


Think about when you are messaging your friends. You don’t want to just send them a piece of text, you want to send emotion! Funmoods gives you the best way to connect with your...

December 4

installCore–Making Software Installation Safe

How often do you look around the internet to see virus, PUP, and PUA link baiting? installCore is working day and night to stop this malware before it can get installed on your computer.

installCore Technology Stopping PUAs

Recently, there was an article about installCore blocking malware in the technology publication, Gigaom. In the article the author talked about how installCore works to block these adware injectors by extensively screening their potential clients. Not only that, but they also have a deep R&D team that handles compliance and making sure all the offers are above board.

November 10

MySearchDial – Decorate Your Browser

Funmoods has one mission in life, and that is to make everyday situations cuter. Indeed, we strive for cuteness in every aspect of life, whether it be chatting with a friend or handing in your notice, there is always room for a nice little image to represent your inner most thoughts and feelings. We want the whole world to look nicer, and where do people spend most of their time? That's right, the Internet. Whether we're sitting in the office, watching movies or being studious, it's a fair bet that the Internet will come into play in quite a...

September 24

Funmoods chooses installCore

Funmoods' emoticons, smileys and animations are used by millions of people each day when chatting with friends, sending emails or commenting on online forums and blogs. This is possible thanks to installCore's innovative technology. What is installCore? When installing Funmoods, you're actually using the most reliable and secure installation method possible. Funmoods girl installCore is the program that gives you access to our fun range of emoticons and allows you to use them across the web's varied platforms, making it possible for you to add a smiley anywhere with a single click. All the Funmoods...
June 27

The appeal of emotes

  Emoticons are an excellent way to express yourself online quickly and efficiently, but what truly makes them appealing? For many, it's the fact that they express so much in so few keystrokes. Using emoticons is a quick and easy way to say you're happy, sad, angry or excited, but sometimes their meaning can be lost. There are so many uses for :) that different people will interpret it differently. As such, improving the emoticons that are used can help significantly improve communication, and the level of understanding. Funmoods offers hundreds of smileys, animations and other options to greatly enhance the emotes used...
May 9

Send more with Funmoods and Greetingmoods

There's a lot to say about Funmoods. Apart from providing with an amazing Facebook chat experience, animations, emoticons and colorful text, Funmoods also provides access to Greetingmoods, which has an even broader selection of messages you can send to your friends in the form of online greeting cards. Maybe leaving a message on a friend's wall for his or her birthday isn't enough - now you can post a similarly themed card as well. From birthday cards to everyday thank you's, Greetingmoods can expand on the overall Facebook experience even more than Funmoods and provide you with...
May 1

Funmoods makes Facebook fun

Facebook may be the most popular social network on the net, but it can also sometimes be kind of boring. The blue and white layout gets old fast, and making your wall stand out can be tough. Luckily Funmoods offers the animations and updates to wall posts that you need to kick it up a level. With its variety of animations, smileys and text changes, Funmoods allows you to do a bit of customization to your page and bring a little color to it. Downloading Funmoods for free gives you the opportunity to share more and do so in a way that actually...
April 29

3 Favorite Funmoods winks

Funmoods winks can make your Facebook profile shine, but what are some of the best? From insults to flirts, Funmoods amazing animations show how witty, charming, cool or silly you are - you just have to use the right ones. One of the best categories of winks is the celebrity animations. Choose from Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson or a ton of other celebrities and show off on your wall. Another fun group of winks available with Funmoods are the monkey animations. These chimps with attitude are hilarious, and will make your friends laugh as you chat over Facebook. Insulting your...
April 24

Facebook receives flack for quality of emoticons

Facebook recently launched its own line of smileys for chat and wall posts, but not all users are happy about it. While some simply don't want them, others are disappointed in the quality of the emoticons, according to Orlando Weekly contributor Ashley Belanger. Belanger noted via the news source that while it's a welcome update for the social network, the smileys simply lack "pizzazz." Additionally, there isn't enough variety to the smileys to convey real emotion, considering that the feature uses the same basic smile for six feelings and so on. What Facebook users need is a broad variety of...
April 22

Spice up your Facebook chat

Facebook may have just updated the way user profiles look, but they still lack the punch they need. You can enhance your chat experience using emoticons and animations that allow to fly your own colors. Funmoods allows you to improve your conversations with friends through animations, colored text and smileys that convey a lot more than text ever could. The message "I Love you"" can be greatly enhance with a bumping heart, or a quick "Bye, Bye" will look much better accompanied by a waving hand and a kiss. Don't just tell your friends how you feel or what...